IA&A at Hillyer (formerly Hillyer Art Space) is a program of International Arts & Artists (IA&A), a nonprofit arts service organization dedicated to promoting cross-cultural understanding and exposure to the arts internationally. IA&A fulfills its mission by providing programs and services to artists, arts institutions, cultural organizations, and the public. Hillyer supports IA&A's mission through a series of exhibitions and public programs that feature local, regional, and international artists. Hillyer's exhibition series focuses on under-represented artists, both emerging and established, that have not had a major solo exhibition within the last three years. 

Ends on $10.00 - 25.00
$10.00 - 25.00

Outbound is an all-media exhibition that seeks artworks addressing exploration, adventure, and discovery. The exhibition is open to all artists, national and international, over 18 years of age. The exhibition is juried by artist Julie Wolfe.

  • Entry Fee: $25 for three artworks ($10 for IA&A members)
  • Awards: Juror's Choice $150; Director's Choice $100; Visitor's Choice $100

    Important Dates
  • Submission deadline: May 4th
  • Artists notified: July 8th (all artists will receive notification whether they are accepted or not)
  • Artwork dropoff/delivery: August 31, 10am-6pm
  • Opening Reception: Friday, September 4th, 6-9pm
  • Exhibition Dates: September 4-27, 2020
  • Artwork pick-up/shipped out: September 28th

About the Juror: Julie Wolfe
Julie Wolfe is a visual and conceptual artist living and working in Washington D.C. Her work is featured in institutions and collections internationally and has been reviewed in ARTnews, BBC American and Hyperallergic. Her most recent solo exhibition was at American University Katzen Museum. 

What if we could better understand our own human social systems - the means by which we communicate, the patterns that govern our interdependence and the intricacies that form those larger structures? And what if we could appreciate the infinitely more complex systems that thrive in our natural world? Perhaps we, as humans could then see how we fit into a larger universal system housed by nature: an ecological world in which our relationship to nature is not adversarial, but one of peaceful coexistence. Such is the vision of Julie Wolfe..

Wolfe’s work is conceived by harvesting data, discarded objects and images that create a new narrative in the context of ecological environment and social / cultural evolution. She offers abstract equations, mapping patterns and geometric networks as a means to describe the workings of a given system. By engaging in this symbolic dialect of time, place, interconnectedness and memory she invites the viewer to trace their own associations and interpretations.

Her stories are told through photographs, drawings, sculptural structures, large abstract paintings and wall installations where color and form, destruction and beauty reign in this experience of aesthetic seduction.

Through this captivating vision, we are allowed to contemplate and face the challenge of reinventing the seemingly exhausted legacy of utopian thought and find a common horizon so that we can function and thrive collectively.

IA&A at Hillyer